Premium Area Rug Cleaning

Premium Area Rug Cleaning In Cairns rugs are common place due to the hard surfaces used in homes, and make...

Carpet Cleaning

Whether you want to clean up before a Real Estate inspection or maintain the fresh, soft feel of your carpet at home Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations have the equipment and expertise to maximise the life of your investment.

What Is Allergy Cleaning?

What Is Allergy Cleaning? The Responsible Care System is an all new allergy cleaning system that works to eliminate dust mites from...

Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime Scene Clean Up There are unfortunate times when people in Cairns may find themselves victims of crime that led...

Carpet Repair

Carpet patching takes a good amount of expertise and care. The carpet and the direction of the fibre must be perfectly aligned, the seams must be cut as invisible as possible. All these elements have to be combined by practiced hands to acheive the best possible result, so as the repair/patch will not be noticable.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Your air conditioning gear should be serviced regularly by a professional technician, who will check for blockages and cleanliness. They can also do the more extensive maintenance work, such as inspecting and cleaning the outdoor condenser and indoor air handling unit.

Lounge Suite & Upholstery Cleaning

Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations are able to treat you fabric and breakdown the buildup of oil and soils, while also removing germs, fungi and bacteria. Our team has the expertise to clean and protect upholstery both safely and effectively.

Mould Remediation

The humid environment in Tropical North Queensland provides perfect conditions for mould growth, which can lead to a number of health problems. Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations doesn’t just kill or encapsulate the mould, but completely removes it.

Biohazard Decontamination

Biohazards cover a range of events that can pose serious health risks, and there is nothing more important than your family’s health. The team at Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations understand this as well as the risks involved with decontamination.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

From minor smoke damage and inconvenience, to the destruction of buildings and the loss of irreplaceable personal contents, Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations care for your home contents and aim to return them to the best possible condition.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

If your tiles are looking dirty or worn-out, get Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations on the job. Our equipment removes germs, grime and bacteria from your tiles and grout, to keep them in clean, safe and sparkling condition.

Flood & Water Damage

Wet or flooded carpet can cause permanent damage if it’s not dried out quickly. Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations is equipped with the right tools and experience to restore your home or business to its previous condition.