Carpet Protection with 1-year Warranty

Carpet Protection with 1-year Warranty

Before explaining the benefits, you should understand how it works so you know why these benefits are real.

Surface Tension – The unique chemical structure of Maxim SOS Protector creates increased surface tension at the surface of the fibre. Any liquid that spills will have a difficult time penetrating the surface of the fibre. Most spills simply bead up on the carpet or fabric, staying in the surface. If spills can’t penetrate the surface it can’t cause a stain and it is easy to clean up.

Coating Action – Protectors have unparalleled penetrating action, allowing them to coat the entire fibre. This coating action is the second level of defence against spills and soils. Sometimes when a spill happens from high above the carpet or is forced past the surface by pressure such as walking on it, the liquid can overcome the surface tension and move towards the base of the carpet. The carpet is still protected however. The coat of Protector won’t allow the spill to penetrate into the fibre itself. Clean up is still a snap.


  1. Carpet Looks Better and Stays Clean Longer. If spills and soils can’t penetrate, the carpet will look cleaner longer. Any customer will admit that this is a tremendous benefit.
  2. Carpet Cleans Better. The two levels of protection hold liquid and dry soils at bay. The soils wait patiently to be cleaned up. Daily vacuuming by the customers is more effective. Spot cleaning is easier and more effective. Professional cleaning produces better results.
  3. Prevents Permanent Stains. Permanent stains such as wine, red cordial, coke, paddle pop and many more can be prevented from damaging carpet and fabric. When stains become permanent, an entire room or sometimes house full of carpet can be ruined. Protectors are cheap insurance.
  4. Carpets Last Longer. It is well-documented fact that soil can cause premature wear to carpets. Traffic lanes become a permanent eyesore that can’t be effectively cleaned and the carpet is discarded before it is really worn out. This is a costly and unnecessary mistake. Protectors along with proper maintenance of the carpet can prevent this premature loss of value.

First – Who else thinks it works?

Protectors work! A whole industry has evolved around protecting carpet and fabric from soil and stains.

  • Fibre producers know it works.
  • Carpet mills know it works.
  • 3M knows it works.
  • DuPont knows it works.
  • Consumers know it works.

Maxim Carpet and Rug Protector is specially designed to protect nylon or wool rugs and carpets without the use of smelly solvents, fluoro chemicals or re-soiling silicones.

It contains a highly concentrated, anti-staining polymer that coats fibres and prevents staining agents like red wine, juice and cordial from permanently bonding to the carpet fibre.

  • STAINS: Protects wool and nylon fibres from stains without the use of solvents, fluoro chemicals or silicones.
  • ODORS: Contains neutralizing agents and a pleasant, citrus deodorizer to create a positive first impression.
  • SOILS: Special polymers help prevent re-soiling and keep carpets cleaner, longer.

Two additional ingredients, an anti-re-soiling, anti-wicking polymer and an odour-neutralizing agent, ensure complete satisfaction. The anti-re-soiling polymer makes the fibres less “sticky”, causing soil that would normally attach to carpet fibre, to slide off instead so that it is then easily removed through vacuuming. A feature unique to Maxim Carpet and Rug Protector is the odour-neutralizing agent that helps eliminate unpleasant odours associated with wet carpet. This neutralizing agent is paired with a light citrus scent that creates the best smelling protector available. From first smell to long-term protection against stains, Maxim  Carpet and Rug Protector is the answer for people looking for a protector that is silicon, fluoro chemical, and solvent free.

Does All Carpets required carpet protection.

NO! For example, applying a protector to a carpet made up of polypropylene fibre is not advisable. Polypropylene (Olefin or Herculon) Fibre is Hydrophobic (hates water) oleophilic (loves oil) as a result it is the most difficult fibre to stain. However, most other carpet fibres with better absorptive properties should have a protector applied on them.

1-Year Warranty Offered By Allamanda Services

Allamanda Cleaning & Restoration offers you a one year limited warranty on our carpet and fabric protection services. This warranty only applies if you use Maxim  The warranty only lasts for one year after your purchase of these carpet and upholstery protectors. In other words, we will come to your premises and clean your carpet free for you if any water or oil based stains form on your carpet and they fail to come out using the Home Pro Spotting Kit and by following the laid out Stain Removal Procedures below.

Carpet Stain Removal Procedures

Apply these stain removal procedures:

  1. Scrape away any kind of solid or blot away any liquid on the carpet’s surface. Be careful not to damage the carpet while you are doing this.
  2. You should then apply Allamanda Home Pro Spotter on the stained area.
  3. Blot away the applied liquid using a white clean towel.
  4. DO this repeatedly until the stain comes off.

Please feel free to contact us and we will come right over to clean the stained area for you if it fails to come off after repeated trials.

Exemptions and Exclusions in the 1-Year Warranty

It is important for you to take note of the following facts before you contact Allamanda Services to perform a free stain removal for you.

  1. Ensure that you have an original receipt proving that you did indeed purchase Bridgepoint Maxim.
  2. You should notify us to come and remove the stain for you within four days after the spill occurred.

It is also important for you to note that this warranty does not apply in any of the following situations.

  1. The normal use of the carpet that may cause stains to occur due to soiling.
  2. The carpet in question is in commercial areas or rental properties.
  3. The cause of the stain is due to acne medicine, fires, neglect, dyes, bleach, vandalism, abuse and floods.
  4. The stains are repetitive in nature.