Flood & Water Damage

Flood & Water Damage

Wet or flooded carpet can cause permanent damage if it’s not dried out quickly. Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations is equipped with the right tools, skills and experience to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition, making it safe again.

When water enters a building, the carpet is not the only thing affected.  Floors, walls, sub-floor cavities, internal structures and contents can also be affected. We have specialised detection equipment that allows us to identify the extent of the ingress. We aim to fully restore your property and contents quickly and safely.  Applying structural drying techniques and employing specialised drying equipment has allowed us to save many of our client’s valuable assets. In the event that items require replacement we can also provide a full report for your insurer.

With Category 3 water damage there can be serious risks to human health and damage to materials may be immediate or develop over time. In some cases wall cavities may need to be opened to allow for complete decontamination. It is imperative that correct procedures are followed and that microbial testing is conducted to confirm that the decontamination was complete and successful.

24-Hour Emergency Service

When a room or building floods or becomes inundated, expert assistance from a qualified, experienced restorer is required immediately to help minimise the loss.

In the even of an emergency, do not panic and follow these steps.

  • If the cause is a leaking or burst pipe, turn off the water supply, to help contain the damage.
  • Turn off or isolate the power supply to your house, to prevent electric shock and never stand in water with the power on.
  • If possible move or place plastic or aluminium foil under the legs of any furniture that may be damaged, or cause damage to carpet such as timber dye stains.
  • Call your Insurance Company and advise them of the event. Be sure to note the claim or reference number. Once notified some insurers will send your job automatically to us, but to be sure that help is on the way give us a call.