Biohazard Decontamination

Biohazard Decontamination

Biohazards cover a range of events that can pose serious health risks – and there is nothing more important than your family’s health. The team at Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations understand this as well as the risks involved with decontamination.

These events can range from a minor accident with blood on the carpet, trauma and crime scenes, needle sweep, syringes and sharps removal, human or animal faeces, raw sewage, mud and debris or torrential rain and floodwater. It can be very distressing for the occupants and in some cases may requires them to temporarily relocate to allow abatement, decontamination and restoration.

That’s why you need a sensitive team of professionals with a deep understanding of the risks involved. It is essential that the correct procedures are followed and that appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) is worn by anyone entering the contaminated environment. We have the expertise and resources to effectively decontaminate and remove malodours.

Overview of Bio Recovery

Twenty years ago, on one thought much about getting blood on themselves. Aside from the repulsive nature of blood, the very thought of blood being the carrier of deadly and debilitating diseases was furthest from our minds

Today with HIV Hepatitis, Syphilis and other diseases, Federal and state agencies have issued regulation outlining the precaution needed to handle blood and body fluids.

Bio Recovery Technicians provide regulatory compliant on site cleaning, decontamination and restoration of property damage by blood body fluids, decomposition, projectiles animal contamination, and other physical destruction associated with dead or injured victims. Services range from removing bloodstains from carpet to the clean-up of large scale multi-casualty scenes.